Everything You Know is About To Become Real…

It’s so crazy how your life can change in the blink of an eye.  How it can get pretty dark really quick.  Suddenly your arms are stretched out in the pitch black hoping not to stumble or run your face into anything.   The light at the end of the tunnel looks like a little speck of a star in the dark sky.

There is a split second moment that you realize what’s going on.

Everything you know is about to change and everything you know is about to become real.

I don’t even know if I understand that last sentence but I like and fear it at the same time with all my being.

“Everything you know is about to change and everything you know is about to become real.”

You are no longer outside the window looking in making, what you think are, smart or intelligent remarks, as if you had all the spiritual answers in the universe and you some how sneaked a peek into God’s own mind.


Now, the fire is so close.

It’s so close you can feel the heat on your face.

Now, the water is rising and you’re tippy toeing of the ground.

In this split second moment…

You realize something the fire and water thought you’d never get…

You realize something the darkness dreaded you accepting…

You realize every moment has been leading to this…

Every conversation.

Every time you sat in that pew.

Every word you read.

Every song you sang.

Every time you prayed a prayer.

Every time you said God Bless you.

Every time you spoke truth.

Every time you worshipped.


Everything all along was for this moment.  Sometimes its multiple moments.  Maybe at different times.  But they are all one in the same.  You know which moments I’m talking about.


Everything has led to this…

Nothing else matters…

Nothing else compares…

Nothing else even comes close…

It’s so simple and yet so complex and mind-blowing…

This is where Grace, Love and Mercy mix and clash into something unimaginably beautiful.

If you are there…

As me and my family are…


Everything has led to this…

All your five senses are about to…

See.  God.  Move.

About Arny Sanchez

I'm a writing schizophrenic. Lover of words to puzzle together in what ever shape or form to communicate Truth. Engraving the events of my life and faith that will hopefully Inspire you.

5 responses to “Everything You Know is About To Become Real…”

  1. alexislsanchez says :

    Everything we have learned our entire lives is for this moment and we KNOW God is definitely moving through us right now. AMEN!

  2. eil1een says :

    I know what you mean, Arny. Those are pivotal, life-changing moments.

  3. Tlhumphries says :

    Yes! Isn’t that why we do it all??? Praying for y’all!

  4. Jason Vana says :

    Beautiful words, Arny. Praying for you and your family in this time. And remember – he is setting you up to see the miraculous.

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