For You Dad: Your Legacy is far from over…

First of all, thank you to anyone who has lifted up my Dad in prayer.  I could never thank you guys enough.

He is doing a lot better since his last brain surgery and I ask for your Continued Prayers on his fast recovery.  He is still on a respirator and feeding tube and we pray these will soon not be needed.

He is responding to commands which is a miracle in and of itself.  Yesterday he began nodding YES and NO to our questions which is another major progress.

I can truly say that I see my God’s Mighty Powerful Hand moving in my Dad’s body.

I’ve been thinking about my Dad a lot lately.  All the things he believed and lived.  All the things he taught us growing up.  I decided to make a list of some of these things today.  This is the Legacy he is making for us and I know that This Legacy is far from over!

1.  The last spanking I ever got:  My brother and I were running around Target with a cart and we hit my Dad on his heels.  Outch!  When we got home he took me in first to his room.  With the belt in his hand, he told me that running around hiding in clothes acting like we were at a playground is not how to behave in a store.  He spanked me 3 times in my buttox.   I was 9 years old.  I never misbehaved in a store again.  My Dad believes in discipline.

2.  Never cry for material things:  I was sitting in our van when my Grandmother panics that she can’t find her money.  It was 20 dollars.  She cried and wanted us to go back and look to see if she dropped it at the store.   When she got out, my Dad leaned over to me and said, “Don’t you ever, ever cry for money.”  It was a lesson far more deep than I think he knew.  My little 6-year-old will sometimes cry for TV time and this lesson always pops in my head and I tell her never to cry for TV.

3.  Be Spontaneous:  My Dad is always up for anything.  He is adventurous.  He lives in the moment.  He took us on road trips as kids and just has that spontaneous spirit.  I love it.   I like to think I’ve acquired some of that spirit in me.

4.  Dating advice: He told my brother one time, “Son, always remember, The Girl Picks You, not the other way around”

5.  Take on Challenges:  My Dad and I remodeled my bathroom and kitchen.  He re-routed the light switch and other things that he had never really done before!  He wasn’t afraid to knock down a wall and face the challenges behind it.  like a gas pipeline that ran across it and how to re-route it.

6.  Dream Bigger and Better:  My wife and I had the idea of just remodeling our counter tops.  When we asked my Dad for help.  He saw something bigger and better.  It included knocking down a wall and extending counter top to large island.

7.  Never Hide who you are:  My Dad is far from perfect, and never trys to be.  What you see is what you get.  The nicest guy you’d ever meet.  Unless you gave him bad services…then…brace yourelf!

8.  Always make time for Family:  My Dad is a huge Family man.  He gets down and dirty when playing with his grandkids.  To this day he is constantly seeking his grown kids for dinner, a good BBQ outside, or just some donuts and diet coke.

9.  God is always good.  No matter what happens in my Dad’s life, he knows God is always good.  He always says, “If us being human, know how to give good gifts to our children, how much more will your Father in heaven give you every good thing.”

10.  Prayer Changes Things:  My Dad is a strong believer in Prayer.  I have dozens of memories of walking by my parents room and seeing my mom and dad holding hands on their knees beside the bed and praying.

Dad,  Your Legacy is far from over!  Get Well Soon!  In Jesus Name!

About Arny Sanchez

I'm a writing schizophrenic. Lover of words to puzzle together in what ever shape or form to communicate Truth. Engraving the events of my life and faith that will hopefully Inspire you.

7 responses to “For You Dad: Your Legacy is far from over…”

  1. Sele says :

    What a great post. Thanks for sharing these memories. Your father and family are continually in my prayers.

  2. Eddy says :

    This one brought me to tears remembering my own dad. Thanks Arny!

  3. Jon Stolpe says :

    This is a great tribute, Arny! Praying for your dad and your family today.

  4. Jason Vana says :

    Glad to hear your dad is doing well! Praying for him and your family.

  5. alexislsanchez says :

    He has ALWAYS been spontaneous which
    is why I’m very in the moment❤ learn from the best =)

    Bahaha love that one on how "the girl picks you"

    Dad would always tuck me into bed and pray with me =)

  6. Syb Sanchez says :

    I wasn’t there when the spanking happened, but I can’t tell you how many times he told that story!! He always talked about how good you and Rolly were as children..he only had to spank y’all once…lol
    Spontaneous? You just never knew…I especially loved that ONE Sunday when he suggested we skip Sunday school and go to Astroworld!! That was the one and only time I was ever able to get on every ride without waiting longer than 5 minutes in line!! :))

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