Sing The Analogous Truth: Justin Bieber, whaaaa!!??

Yup, that’s right, I went there.  Don’t ask me how.  Don’t judge me.  Ok, so my little girl likes to listen to the Disney Channel Radio.  It’s force to be reckoned with so I only let her have a listen in small doses.   When I do,  Justin Bieber loves to creep in there from time to time.

His new song out, well, I think is new, is called “As Long as You Love Me”.  Actually it’s kinda weird.  The phrase of lyric that I want to use for the Analogous Truth is not even Justin singing it.   It’s some other guy who is a rapper.  And yes, after writing this sentence, I’m going to have to google who that is…..hold on a sec…ok…it’s a guy named Big Sean.

In the middle of the song this Big Sean guy or kid or whoever he is, starts to rap.  He says something in the rap that really stood out to me and made me laugh.  I laughed because, it was true.

He is rapping about his girlfriend and how much he loves her and that he would never cheat on her cause it’s a waste of time because would lose his time he’d spent building his current relationship.

Here is a the lyric.

“But, the grass ain’t always greener on the other side, it’s green where you water it”

I laughed at, “it’s green where you water it” cause it’s true.

It’s the same thing with our ever longing soul.  In all of it’s searching.  It’s wondering.  Always trying to find greener pastures.  Always trying to see if it’s greener on the other side.  Always trying to fill a void in our soul that can only be filled with one thing.


Once you’ve come to Jesus.  The grass can never be greener on the other side.

But of course, we still live in this world and in this flesh.  Sometimes it feels like Jesus is not enough.  Sometimes it feels like Jesus is not the answer.   Sometimes it feels like Jesus is our last resort.  Sometimes it feels like one big hoax.

But He is not a hoax.  He is real.  He is here with me.  He is there with you.

But we have to water this relationship with Jesus so the thoughts above don’t invade and take over us.

When we water our relationship with Jesus, we pray,  meditate on his word, seek his presence, and we worship.

Suddenly we can feel he is everything and we shall not want.

Suddenly we can feel he lays us down in Green Pastures, leading us beside still waters…and refreshes our soul.

About Arny Sanchez

I'm a writing schizophrenic. Lover of words to puzzle together in what ever shape or form to communicate Truth. Engraving the events of my life and faith that will hopefully Inspire you.

7 responses to “Sing The Analogous Truth: Justin Bieber, whaaaa!!??”

  1. bill (cycleguy) says :

    Well said Arny. have to confess to never having the “pleasure’ of listening to that song and will probably live my life (in pleasure) having missed it. :) NKOTB were bad enough.

  2. Eileen says :

    “Once you’ve come to Jesus. The grass can never be greener on the other side.” Very true, Arny. We lose sight of this fact way too easily.

  3. Stephen says :

    That. Will. Preach.
    I like it a lot, Arny.

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