Weekend For Thought #32: Car and Soul Maintenance

So a couple of days ago, I get a text from my wife that the car is heating up while she is waiting in line to pick up the kids from school.  Turns out, there was no anti-freeze in it!  So she put what little water she had and made it home.  We put some anti-freeze in it and the car was fine.  For a Day.

The same problem persisted and we began to think of what it was.  Since my wives dad is a mechanic he said it might be the hose and thermostat.   He’ll know for sure once he starts working on it this weekend.

The Check Engine Light

My wife got a little scoffed from my father-in-law about not checking the car from time to time to make sure it is ok.  You know like, checking the oil, the fluids, the battery, and little maintenance like that.   By not doing so, we could have created more damage not to mention a much more expensive one as well.

I remember thinking that his principle to checking on the car from time to time to make sure nothing is wrong was also a great way to check on our soul, to make sure it’s still dependent on Christ.  To make sure it’s still hungry and thirsty for Jesus.


Lets check the maintenance on our soul.

Lets check that if we are prospering, our soul is prospering as well.

Lets check our soul in worship and gas it up with the presence of God!

Lets fill it up with anti-freeze, so that it won’t freeze up to his will and council!

Lets make sure the battery of the Holy Spirit is charged up and ready to drive the Gospel to the world!

How is YOUR Car and Soul Maintenance?


About Arny Sanchez

I'm a writing schizophrenic. Lover of words to puzzle together in what ever shape or form to communicate Truth. Engraving the events of my life and faith that will hopefully Inspire you.

5 responses to “Weekend For Thought #32: Car and Soul Maintenance”

  1. kenhagerman says :

    Nice Arny. Good thoughts. We always need to keep tabs on our Walk. If we are not moving forward we are moving back.

  2. Eddy says :

    I need a tune up every now and then.

  3. cycleguy says :

    Great application Arny. I recently had struts put on my over 100k Outlander. I also need new tires and a new timing belt/water pump soon. Yeah, maintenance if I expect it to keep running safely & well. Sort of like me.

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